7 Best Kneeling Chairs To Take The Pressure Off Your Spine


kAccording to chiropractor Matt Cooper, DC, founder of USA Sports Therapy, the ergonomic chairs are among the best ergonomic options for people who work at a desk.

“Knee chairs help maintain proper spinal alignment by allowing your knees to drop below your hips when you sit. It also leans you forward slightly over your keyboard while maintaining normal lumbar lordosis,” says Dr. R. cooper. Basically, they help you avoid arching and twisting your back, which puts pressure on your back. He adds that “normal lumbar lordosis” — or typical curvature of the spine — is especially important for extended periods of sedentary behavior.

dr. Cooper recommends kneeling chairs if you’re sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time, but that’s not for everyone. “Older people who suffer from spinal stenosis may not be comfortable in kneeling chairs because this position can cause more symptoms,” he says. If you decide to try a kneeling chair, Dr. Cooper that “no brand is superior,” but there are a few key things to look out for: comfortable pillows and that it puts your knees under your hips.

The 7 best kneeling chairs for your desk

Dragonn by Vivo Ergonomic Kneeling Chair – $110.00

This kneeling chair has earned the title of #1 Bestseller in Kneeling Office Chairs on Amazon. “I have chronic hip and lower back pain despite being young and healthy and this has saved me when I have to sit and work in front of the computer,” says one reviewer, noting that the adjustable seat and knee height make it adaptable to your height . Reviewers also mention that it can hold up to 240 pounds, while many other kneeling chairs can only hold up to 220 pounds, and that it has thick padding.

Varier Variable Valans Kneeling Chair – $379.00

If you can spend a little more money and are looking for a kneeling chair, consider this attractive option. It is suitable for people weighing up to 240 pounds, and it is available in a variety of colors for the fabric and base. One reviewer who used a cheaper metal kneeling chair for years upgraded to this one, noting that this version is “beautiful and has good features that others don’t have.” Not to mention, “It’s really pretty and super easy to put together too,” they say.

Predawn Ergonomic Kneeling Chair – $130.00

For a budget-friendly option, reviewers recommend this chair. While it’s not an exact dupe of the previous seat, reviewers are generally happy with it and say it’s a solid affordable option. “The rocking function corrects sitting posture and it is very comfortable to sit and work on,” says one reviewer. Several reviewers mention that rocking it also helps them cope with restlessness. “The filling is comfortable, the texture of the cushions is perfect for creating just the right amount of friction, without being scratchy,” says another reviewer.

Flash Furniture Mobile Wooden Ergonomic Kneeling Office Chair – $111.00

This kneeling chair with wheels is also one of Amazon’s top sellers. One reviewer says it was a “gift from heaven” when they experienced a bout of back pain. Reviewers also warn that going from zero to 100 with this or any knee chair isn’t the best idea, and recommend building up how much time you spend in it. “I especially like that this chair prevents me from feeling ‘sluggish’ because I can’t lean back,” added another reviewer.

Slim Austin Kneeling Chair – $189.00

“It will take some getting used to for your shins and core, but overall it’s a big step up from the executive style chair I was in before,” writes one reviewer, who chose this chair over other options because it has extra fill and rocks. “I highly recommend this product if you suffer from lower back pain from sitting or if you just want to better align your spine during the workday,” wrote another. Overall, reviewers were impressed with the quality and price of this kneeling chair.

Varier ThatSit Balance Kneeling Chair with Back — $799.00

“I’ve had a few different kneeling chairs over the years. Every time I’ve looked at the Varier’s and turned down the price, I’ve chosen to buy a cheaper seat. I’ve had mixed results with the cheaper chairs,” says one reviewer, who decided to buy the more expensive ones they call “simply the best knee-high chair out there.” Others agree and say that this chair is of high quality and has a backrest.

Vivohome Ergonomic Kneeling Chair – $100.00

Reviewers say this chair is comfortable, has thick cushions, and is easy to assemble. “For the past five years I’ve had really horrendous lower back pain sitting at my desk. I bought a standing desk and this chair to solve the problem,” says one reviewer, who credits the combination for helping to relieve her back pain. Another reviewer favorite: the height is adjustable.

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