7 Best Organic Bedding Sets For Sheets And Duvets

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Though you may feel like you can’t possibly get it enough time to snuggle up in bed, chances are your bedding is one of the most touched-up items in your home. Just think of the hours you spend each night swaddled in your sheets and duvet or comforter, with all that fabric coming into close contact with the skin on your body and face.

For that reason, you can rest a bit more knowing that all the materials you snuggle with are demonstrably free of potentially irritating chemicals – which is where the best organic bedding comes in.

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What qualifies as organic bedding?

As with organic personal care products and organic food, organic bedding must meet certain standards of cleanliness at every stage of the farming and production process to be labeled “organic”. In the textile world, that usually refers to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification, which requires a product to contain a minimum of 70 percent organic fiber, says certified sleep coach Logan Foley, editor in chief at SleepFoundation.org.

“You might wonder why it’s not 100 percent, but if you think about all the types of products that can earn this certification, you’ll find that some are nearly impossible to make completely organic, like with mattress covers, for example, which by law must be treated with a chemical that makes them fire-resistant,” she says.

However, in the case of the best organic bedding, most GOTS certified organic brands well exceed the 70 percent requirement, hitting 100 percent or getting very close. While this organic designation doesn’t necessarily speak to the environmental friendliness of these products, which is a separate distinction, it’s worth noting that organic farming practices eliminate the use of pesticides and fertilizers, which can otherwise contaminate groundwater, and tend to also need less water.

On the other hand, while you may see sustainable or “natural” bedding made from bamboo or eucalyptus, the viscose process used to transform these raw materials, extract their cellulose and spin it into fine fabric strands involves certain chemicals that are not required to process fabrics such as cotton and linen. As a result, while these options are typically environmentally friendly, they are not technically organic from start to finish. (Yet, you can still feel comfortable buying them, especially if they have OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certification, meaning every part of the finished product – though not the manufacturing process – has been tested for potentially harmful chemicals. according to Foley.)

“For example, if you buy organic sheets, you still have to assess the same qualities as you would for a non-organic option.” —Logan Foley, certified sleep coach

With this in mind, people prone to irritation or skin sensitivities are probably best off with GOTS-certified organic bedding, Foley says. But that designation alone does not necessarily say anything about the quality of the bedding. “For example, if you buy organic sheets, you still have to assess the same qualities as you would for a non-organic option,” she says. “That includes weave and knit type (say, satin vs. percale), pile (which refers to the length of the cotton fibers, with extra-long usually being the softest), and thread count.”

While there isn’t the right answer for everyone — many of these traits are subjective to personal preference — the best organic bedding options carefully consider all of these components. Find our favorite GOTS certified organic bedding sets below, and rest assured, you’ll be in for a dreamy and totally skin-friendly nap.

Here are the 7 best organic bedding sets for cloud soft sheets and comforters

Coyuchi Organic Wrinkled Percale™ Minimalist Set – $304.00

Do you ever feel like bedding is just a little bit? at crispy right out of the box? Then it’s time to meet your new match: this organic cotton duvet cover from Coyuchi is slightly wrinkled by the design for that already run-in feeling. And as an added bonus, the fabric naturally camouflages any additional creases or wrinkles from use. The duvet cover, fitted sheet and pillowcases are available in nine or ten colours, which you can mix and match to create your ideal set.

Parachute Organic Textured Duvet Cover Set – $299.00

Part of Parachute’s first and recently launched organic cotton collection, this textured duvet cover features the brand’s signature basket weave look and feel. It comes in two soft colors — a dark gray called Reed and an off-white Natural — both of which get their muted hues through a garment dye process and prewash. The result is effortlessly breathable, layered and versatile.

Nest Bedding Organic Cotton Luxury Bed Set – $99.00

Thanks to a 300 thread count, these sheets feel soft to the touch, and a thoughtful design makes them even easier to use: the elastic along the entire edge of the fitted sheet is made to hold a mattress super tight, and the pillowcases have internal sleeves to prevent cushions from sliding out. The sheet set consists of the top sheet, the fitted sheet and the pillowcases, and is available in white, pewter, terracotta and slate.

Pottery Barn 400 Thread Count Organic Percale Bed Sheet Set – $119.00

Lovers of hotel beds, take note: these are the light, crisp and ultra-smooth sheets of your best vacation. You can wrap yourself in this 400 thread percale and drift off without worrying about waking up sweaty (we’ve all been there). The set consists of a sheet, a fitted sheet and two pillowcases, available in five colours, and you can even have the sheet or pillowcases printed with a monogram (at extra cost).

Avocado Organic Superfine Suvin Cotton Sheets – $249.00

You may know Avocado from the company’s famous “green” mattress. But if you didn’t know it also makes bedding, now is a good time to get acquainted. These organic sheets have the added qualification of being made from Indian Suvin cotton, a rare variety with extra long piles. (As a refresher, that’s cotton talk for incredibly fine and soft.) These sheets, in turn, have a whopping 1,000 thread counts and a glossy satin finish—which is all to say that organic and luxury can definitely coexist.

Boll & Branch Signature Hemmed Comforter Set – $308.00

Warm sleepers who still like to cuddle up with a duvet will love this Boll & Branch duvet set, which is made with the brand’s signature cloud-light weave. It comes in six neutral matte shades with just enough shimmer to stand alone or play nicely with a quilt or throw. Ties at each inner corner of the duvet cover also keep your insert from bunching up.

Sol Organics Classic Organic Bedding Bundle – $199.00

Built on the foundation of a transparent supply chain, Sol Organics is committed to affordability and access. That’s why the bedding is about half the price of the industry standard, when you compare 300 thread count king size sheets. This bedding bundle includes everything you need for a complete organic makeover: a sheet, fitted sheet, two pillowcases, a duvet cover and two pillowcases. And it’s all made with long-fiber organic cotton for softness and durability.

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