8 Best Comforters on Amazon in 2022 Based on Reviews


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When it comes to things that can affect your sleep quality, bedding may not be your top priority. But in fact, most people sleep best at a temperature somewhere between 60°F and 67°F, and the fabric of your duvet (and how much heat it retains) can float away like a dream or make it feel like a nightmare. Fortunately, the best-selling comforters on Amazon have options to choose from to improve your sleep.

But before we get into that, it’s important to know the subtle differences in duvet fillings. With a down duvet, the filling contains all duck or goose feathers. These duvets are generally light, soft and ideal for warm sleepers as the material expands and breathes easily. On the other hand, down alternative duvets contain a type of polyester synthetic material made to simulate the same pillow-like feel, minus the feathers. These tend to be compact and require a lot more filling to provide the same warmth, although they can be a more sustainable, vegan option.

To ease your search for the best comforter, keep reading for some of the best-selling and highly rated comforters on Amazon.

Best Comforters on Amazon

Utopia Bedding Alternative Duvet (Queen) – $39.00

With over 14,000 five-star reviews, it’s the number one duvet cover on Amazon, and for good reason. It’s covered with microfiber and wrapped with siliconized fiberfill – a kind of soft synthetic material that makes you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. The sharp stitching of the box also helps prevent the comforter from losing its fluff and shape over time. Overall, it feels more lightweight so you can stay cool on warmer days. As one reviewer noted, the comforter has the “security that a blanket gives you, but you wouldn’t wish you were dead in the summer.”

Dafinner Feathers Down Comforter (Queen) — $86.00

If you want a duvet that will keep you cool during the warmer seasons but give you the feeling of being in a cocoon in the winter, this duvet is a safe choice. You can choose how heavy you want the filling to be by selecting “lightweight” or “all season”. FYI, the filling is a blend of cotton with 90 percent goose down, making this insert lightweight and super breathable.

Bare Home Duvet Set (Queen) – $46.00

One thing that makes this duvet stand out is how it feels against your skin. Reviewers even gave it a 4.7-star rating in the “comfort” and “softness” categories. Much of that high praise has to do with the duvet’s hydro-brushed microfiber cover, which is made to be super soft and incredibly durable. The polyfiber filling is also a naturally fluffy synthetic material that provides good insulation and weight. As a bonus, the set comes with a matching pillowcase and is available in a variety of colors including white, cypress green and light blue in case you don’t want to use a duvet cover.

Buffy Cloud Comforter (Full/Queen) — $169.00

For a more sustainable option, this duvet ticks all the right boxes. It’s covered with soft eucalyptus fabric and filled with layers of 100 percent recycled fiber. FYI: Eucalyptus is naturally softer and more breathable material than cotton thanks to a lot of moisture-wicking properties. As a result, this is a perfect option for hot sleepers or anyone who wants to stay cool while catching some zzzs.

ViscoSoft Reversible Down Alternative Quilt (Queen) – $44.00

If you’re looking for some versatility in your bedding, this ViscoSoft reversible alternative down comforter is calling your name. It’s double-sided, so you can easily change your bedroom decor from season to season. In addition, the duvet is thin, but both sides of the duvet are made of microfibre to keep you warm during cooler temperatures, while being just cool enough on hot days.

APSMILE Alternative Reversible Duvet (Queen) – $49.00

What makes this duvet unique is the diamond-shaped stitching pattern that helps improve durability with each sleep. It also has poly-fill filling on the inside for those whose nostrils can be sensitive to goose down. Plus, it’s machine washable and has eight duvet loops to make it easier to attach your favorite tie-down duvet cover when you want a new look.

APSMILE Luxury Goose Feather Down Comforter – $165.00

Although on the pricey side, this duvet is definitely worth it, according to multiple reviewers. The 400 thread count insert has a poly-cotton shell blend that is super breathable and packed with downy goose down filling. However, not all options are the same. The lightweight insert is designed for warm sleepers and warm climates; the year-round insert is perfect for weather conditions in the range of 53 to 76 degrees; and the Optimum Warm is a home game for people who get cold quickly and need some extra warmth.

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Our editors select these products independently. Making a purchase through our links can earn Well+Good a commission.

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