8 fall perennials to plant before the first frost


spring gets all the attention for bringing new flowers and fresh leaves into the world after a long, cold winter. But fall is a good time to get new plants in the ground. Perennials, in particular, will benefit from the time they spend in cool soil before spring and summer turn warm, says Rebecca Sears, lead gardener at gardening company Ferry-Morse.

“While many think the gardening season is over in the fall, there’s more work to do to increase your yield and better prepare your yard for next year,” Sears says. “To ensure successful flowering next season, it is wise to plant perennial flowers now so that they can establish their roots before the frost.”

Planting perennials that come back year after year will make your garden healthier over time.

“One of the biggest benefits of growing perennials is that they last for several years, saving you time at the start of each gardening season,” Sears says. “Since the life cycle of perennials is several years, they are more resilient, develop stronger root systems, improve the soil they live in and promote healthy conditions for the plants around them.”

If you plant this late in the year, you can plant seeds, bulbs, roots or full plants. “Plant perennials in the fall as baby plants, such as the FerryMorse Fall Plantlings allow you to enjoy them during the fall season and give them time to establish their root systems for the winter months,” Sears says. The key is to plant before the first frost and ensure that what your plant can survive in is your area by viewing the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone map. “Check the map to find out which zone you are in and check the zone information on the seed package, label, or website if you buy online,” says Sears .

8 autumn perennials

Echinacea cheyenne spirit coneflower planting – $20.00 to $40.00

The Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit Coneflower is one of Spears’ favorite perennials to plant because “they are low maintenance and pollinators love them,” she says. These plants survive the winter well and are drought tolerant. They grow best in full sun to partial shade.

Violet Ranunculus Bulbs, Fall Perennials

Violet Ranunculus Bulbs – $40 to $120

Ranunculus likes an area with full sun and the bulbs perform great when planted during the fall growing season in zones 8 through 12. If you live in a different zone, you can grow your bulbs indoors and plant them in the spring . These bulbs are shipped in October.

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