Arugula and sauerkraut salad is a great gut-boosting meal


LTo be honest: arugula and sauerkraut are both relatively polarizing foods … either you love them or you hate them. But thanks to dozens of TikTok dietitians and recipe developers, this duo is becoming a popular (and dare-we-say delicious) microbiome-enhancing salad base. “This salad is so strangely good … The base is arugula and sauerkraut, and the fermentation of the sauerkraut really softens the arugula, “says TikTok creator Paige Lindgren, whose recipe for arugula and sauerkraut salad has already received almost two million views.
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Ready to try it? We asked two dietitians about their bid on the health benefits of these ingredients, especially when it comes to the all-important microbiome. Here’s why this is a health trend we can really (actually!) Stand behind.

Benefits of arugula and sauerkraut salad

According to Vanessa Rissetto, MS, RD, CDN, CEO and co-founder of Culina Health, arugula is a dark, bitter green that comes from the same family as dandelion green. “Like dandelion greens, arugula is a natural diuretic and is great for digestion, but arugula is much less bitter and still offers the same amazing nutritional benefits,” says Rissetto. “Rucola has a wealth of vitamin K, which can help with blood clots and bone health. It also has way more vitamin C than an orange. “Rissetto also notes that arugula is a good source of B vitamins such as folate, potassium and fiber.

Alyssa Pike, RD, senior manager of nutrition communication for the International Food Information Council (IFIC), says it’s a bit more difficult to determine the sauerkraut’s intestinal strengthening benefits. Although sauerkraut can contain lots of probiotics thanks to the fermentation process required to produce it, the “good” gut bacteria it offers can be lost through any cooking and pasteurization process that companies may go through before the product hits the grocery store shelves. The solution is simple: Read the nutrition declaration when you buy sauerkraut.

“Check for specific strains of bacteria on the ingredient list for sauerkraut, which are often found on the back or side of the product’s packaging near its nutritional information,” says Pike. “Look at the number of colony forming units or CFUs present at the end of a product’s shelf life.” Girl shares that a billion or more CFUs per. portion is typical, although some products may have much higher numbers. Regardless of CFUs, she adds that this salt-acid food still has great nutritional value as it is a great source of fiber, vitamin C, K, iron and manganese.

If sauerkraut seems a bit too adventurous to eat alone, Rissetto says, trying it in a salad first is actually the perfect place to start: “That’s exactly why the arugula and sauerkraut salad has become so busy lately – it’s without a doubt a delicious combination. ” She suggests you just add a tablespoon of sauerkraut to a arugula base and then add it along with ingredients you already love: Think roasted chicken, parmesan cheese, fresh vegetables and / or roasted almonds or walnuts. This way, the sauerkraut will not drown out your meal. Rissetto also suggests swapping kimchi with sauerkraut occasionally, as it will still provide the same health benefits (both are fermented cabbage products), but it will provide a completely different flavor profile.

Pike adds that adding prebiotic foods – like onions, tomatoes or whole grains – to your bowl will give you the ultimate microbiome boost. “This is because prebiotics are the food that probiotics live off to increase your gut health,” she says.

Below you will find a few delicious simple recipes to inspire your next gut-boosting arugula and sauerkraut salad.

Recipes for arugula and sauerkraut salad to try

Bitter green and sauerkraut salad

Photo: Siri Chand

This wonderful dish contains herbs and edible flowers to enhance the aesthetics, plus some quinoa to give the salad a shelf life. Top with a favorite protein to make it a meal, or serve it as an extraordinary side. The salad also contains a probiotic vinaigrette made with the juice of sauerkraut so there is no waste and you can reap extra health benefits.

Get the recipe: Bitter green and sauerkraut salad

Good intestinal health salad

Photo: Melissa Wood Health

Olives, cucumbers and an easy lemon salad dressing bring a Mediterranean vibe to our newfound salad base. Prepare the dressing for a week’s salads to streamline lunch time or make it much easier to serve something green for dinner.

Get the recipe: Good Intestinal Health Salad

Tempeh Bacon, Avocado, Rucola and Sauerkraut Sandwich

Photo: Always eat plants

It turns out that sauerkraut and arugula are also a good base for a vegetarian sandwich. Here, the two are paired with tempeh bacon, avocado, pickles and a spicy tahini mayo for a satisfying and flavorful plant-based meal.

Get the recipe: Tempeh Bacon, Avocado, Rucola and Sauerkraut Sandwich

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