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Chances are you’ve come across Bearaby’s thick woven weighted blankets on social media. Their signature weighted blankets have: are fan favorites, thanks to their high-quality, durable design (aka no plastic beaded fills) and hygge-inspired design. If you’ve already draped a thick Bearaby blanket over your couch, we’ve got some exciting news: the brand has just welcomed the newest member of their cozy family.

Launched last week, the Hugget Pillow is a knotted, multi-purpose pillow designed to de-stress and comfort you. To be essentially as a great comfort accessory that you can use to help relax your body and mind. It’s round, incredibly soft and works just like a stress ball. That means it stimulates the senses as a way to release tension and fear. In this case, that liberation comes through physical touch. So if you feel any stress or tension, you can squeeze, cuddle, or lie down on the pillow to get some relief.

Bearaby Knot Cushion – $29.00

Made from soft GOLS-certified Melofoam™, the Hugget pillow is available in five different colorways and ranges in price from $29 to $129.

What makes this pillow so special? It’s all in the design. The knotted look with thick loops that criss-cross each other can help to play and grip restless fingers a lot to reduce stress. It also makes for a stylish decor, just like the Bearaby blankets.

The pillow is available in three sizes, including small (1/2 lb), medium (1 lb), and large (3 lbs). The small size fits in the palm of your hand and is made to massage your reflex zones, or areas of your body with sensitive pressure points. The medium size has a little more weight and is great for cuddling and releasing tension. And the large size helps address pressure points and serves as an extra cushion for snuggles on the couch or bed. Depending on the size you choose, prices range from $29 to $129.

And in true Bearaby fashion, the Hugget is made from sustainable materials. They all feature Melofoam™, a textile derived from the sap of rubber trees. Currently, the Hugget pillow is available in five colorways, including: cloud white, asteroid grey, evening rose, midnight blue and moonstone grey.

You have to be on a waiting list (yes, already) to get your hands on a Hugget, but it’s worth waiting in line. Shoppers are already raving about this new addition from Bearaby. “Just wanted to buy this as a chic knotted pillow to match my knit Napper weighted blanket, but holy cow, this hugget works its magic. I love falling asleep with it. I’m a side sleeper and use it as a kiss my body with my weighted blanket. Knock me down in seconds,” writes one Bearaby customer.

Another says: “I love the little Hugget! It relieves tension in my hands after typing on my laptop and phone all day. It’s just the sensory accessory I needed. No more stiff fingers!” Sold.

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Our editors select these products independently. Making a purchase through our links can earn Well+Good a commission.

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