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Tips to prevent a salad from wilting in the fridge

Who among us has never wondered if there is a foolproof trick to preserve your salad or fresh herbs for longer? If you’re buying your salad in bulk to save cleaning time, you should know how frustrating it is to find the leaves are all wilted or rotten when you take your salad out of the crisper and get ready to dress it up!

Do you want your baby spinach, mesclun, arugula, parsley and mint or coriander to have a longer shelf life? Try this little trick:

  • Divide your large container of greenery into two or four smaller plastic bags.
  • Holding the opening of the bag like a balloon, blow into the bag to fill it with air (or rather, carbon dioxide, that’s the trick!).
  • Then close the bag by twisting the top part several times before hermetically closing it with a rubber band or by tying a knot (be careful not to let any ambient air in during the procedure).
  • Put it in the fridge and your vegetables will keep longer.

keep salad longer in the fridge tip

Those puffy bags may take up a little extra space in your fridge, but the loss of space is worth it; your green salads stay fresh, crunchy and tasty and don’t rot

This trick works for all green leafy vegetables, including herbs; The only thing to check is that the products must be completely dry before you put them in the plastic bag.

And for the environment, to avoid wasting plastic bags, remember that they can be washed, air dried and reused for next time.

Preventing a salad from rotting in the fridge: the perk

Another way to keep a salad or fresh herbs in the fridge for longer is to wrap them in paper towels that absorb the moisture from the salad and store them longer, then place them in a zip-lock freezer bag (see photo). † Then, to find all the freshness of your salad, soak it in water with a squeeze of lemon, it will regain its original crispness!

trick so that a salad doesn't rot in the fridge

Extend the freshness of a salad, Mamy Troozette’s trick (via Facebook)

So how to keep a salad longer, I’ll tell you, I wash my salad, I wring it out a little bit, I grab a cloth that I dampen, I put the salad in it and it’s in the bottom of the fridge! I keep it for a long time. but haven’t I heard that the salad loses these vitamins if kept too long?

Yes grandma it’s true, it’s best to eat it very fresh, like all fruits and vegetables for that matter!

You too? What’s your trick to keep your salads and herbs in the fridge for longer? Feel free to comment and share!

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